Hi there,

Welcome to my new Blog. Well, I say new when really it isn’t. I deleted my last one due to a lack of content and upkeep and wanted a fresh start so this is what I have, a blank page and nothing to fill it with.

Anyway, a little about me to start off with. My name is Paula and as of writing I am 30 years old, I live and work in London, UK and I’m a bus driver. Yes, the red one and yes, I drive a double decker and no, it’s not difficult. Well, actually, it is but not in the way you would think. See, bus drivers make the actual driving seem easy when really, it is a lot of work. You are driver a long vehicle and you have be sure you have the right amount of space to go where you need. Also, I have to drive whilst not only for myself, but for the car drivers, the pedestrians and passengers. Oh, and cyclists and lorries and small children who run out into the road, those people who read their phones instead of watching the traffic and people who think I’m in the way. Yeah, it’s a little harder than what you see but it’s okay as I know that and so I’m able to go back and forth without much trouble.

I live on my own with two cats, Riot and Freya. They tolerate me and each other and I can put up with that. It’s better than being alone because that sucks, really. Don’t get me wrong, I like my own company but it’s nice to have more than that sometimes. My family don’t live too far away so that’s okay. I have my Dad and my two older Sisters. I also have a Niece and Nephew and another on the way but we don’t know what it will be yet. Another addition to our family, which is nice. I eventually want kids of my own but need to rope some sucker into having them with me and that all takes time.

As you can see, this will probably host some posts that aren’t very well put together but that’s what my head is like, random bits and pieces that don’t add up sometimes until everything has come out. I like it, I spend a large amount of time just thinking about different things, some that give me story ideas to work on (the list is big) and some that go over ideas that are already there, making sure everything is told right. It’s like a big pot of goo that needs pouring out and put in the right boxes.

I’ve always liked writing but have never really made a giant effort in putting anything down. I always start and then give up after little is done but I think I am ready now. I believe I should take a stand and just get on with it. Nobody is going to write these stories in my head except for me and they are just crying to be let out. I’m just worried that the things I think are brilliant are in fact rubbish ideas that nobody would ever dream about reading. How can I put so much time into something for it to only be worth nothing. That’s the problem I have but I have put it aside for so long that now I am ready to make the leap and say ‘Okay, here it is and if you don’t like it, well then, you suck!’

So that is what I will do. I have a couple of days off so I think I will finally start the big leap. I want to record my progress here and I know some days will be great and others not so much so please bare with me, it’s going to be a long old trek.

Anyway, thanks for reading,