Welcome to The Weird Space. This is a new Blog that I have decided to create mostly because I feel odd not having one so to stop thinking about it, I thought ‘Why not just do it?’. Well, I’ll tell you.

This is a remake of a remake of a remake. I seem to do these things and then not continue them on. There is no explanation as to why other than laziness really and I’m sick of it so I’m determined to finally have a fully working Blog, even if it ends up just being me who reads it!

So, onto what will be posted here. Well, I’m thinking everything. Things that come randomly in my head, things I’ve seen and heard, and just everyday events. I don’t have a particular genre in mind except to empty my brain out onto the page and see what happens. Sometimes the thoughts I have are too odd to keep to myself so at least I’ll have somewhere to share it all now.

I like to have my brain in all sorts of pies so you’ll get a mix of Writing, Gaming and Television Shows being mentioned along with rants about people I may have dealt with at work. No names, obviously but general accounts of activities. I am making this sound a bit boring but I think the first posts are. Trying to get used to throwing it all out can be a bit hard but we’ll get there. Also, I can’t promise anything but I’ll try not to over rant on things that happen in daily life. The world is a bit over the place right now, just like the space in my head so it might end up splashing on the site. Anyway, onwards and upwards, right?

So, for the first time of hopefully a daily meeting, I’ll say bye and see you tomorrow, 


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