Hi there,

So this daily post thing has turned out swimmingly! I kind of posted and five and a half months. Not really the way I wanted it to go but that’s okay, mistakes will be made to begin with but I hope to make it a proper regular thing.

Now, although I mentioned it before, I didn’t really go into what a daily post is. Well, it’s actually an idea from the WordPress company that encourages people to find topics to Blog about, just in case you might not have any of your own. If it’s a slow day or something, you can use the topics that they have and see if it sparks some creative thinking. It’s to keep you going every day. It’s a fun idea and I’ve really wanted to do it for a while but I just get distracted.

So, what am I distracted by? Well , mostly it’s my own laziness. I just can’t be arsed to do anything that means I have to use my brain, or move, anything that involves effort and yes, that is as bad as it sounds. I really want to make my mark on this world and I know that only I can get myself to do it but it’s hard once you are in that mindset, to work your way out of it but this is what I am here for, to get myself on the right path. It will take a while and like I said before, I’ll make mistakes but it’s better late than never. It is finally time to make myself do it and I’m hoping you can join me on my journey.

So, plans, what kind am I on about? Well, writing, for one. I am going to start writing properly, a novel, hopefully or more than one if possible. I have all the ideas, now I just need to get it all down. I know it won’t be easy, writing anything can be hard, especially if you have to force yourself to do it but I have been thinking about it way too much and I owe it to myself to finally see if I can do it. So here I go…

“Once upon a time…”

Well, no, I won’t be writing it on the Blog, although that is a novel way to do it but I will be reporting on how much I wrote and whether it is going well. As an update, since my first post, I have written nothing but I have finally worked out how the story links together. I’ve been building it in my head for years and it was going well but didn’t really know what I would be aiming for, a finishing point but now, I know and I can’t wait to get started on it. All it takes now is for me to get my butt in gear and start.

In other news, a big thing has happened recently. I have decided to buy a house. This is big news as I never, in all my years of thinking of the future, thought that it would be possible and now, I really think it is. There is still a lot to do to make it happen but I really believe it will be happening within the next few months, unless something terrible happens.

It’s a nice house too, really my sort of thing. A two up, two down place with a massive garden, set in a village. I don’t think I could find a better place right now that would fit in my ideal picture of a house. It’s almost perfect. I say almost because a three bed would have been better but it’s not necessary to have that right now or I could build onto it if I wanted too. I am, of course, jumping in way too soon. I need to get the place first and then all this can be decided. I am just very excited though. I can finally see my future happening and that is a great feeling.

Anyway, I think this is enough for today so bye for now. I will try to get back tomorrow, promise.


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